Canvas Wraps

These canvases are "gallery wrapped" and stretched over a solid strainer frame. The image is extended around the sides of the strainer frame and offer a simple and clean presentation of the artwork.

My gallery wrapped canvas are made using Epson's 44" wide SP-9900. This printer utilizes Epson's new Ultrachrome HDR pigmented inks, and uses 10 inks to produce archival quality images that represent the latest in digital printer technology.

The prints are coated with Premier Ecoprint Print Shield. This coating provides an almost impervious layer of protection for the images. It provides both protection from harmful UV light and pollutants in the air like smoke and even humidity. I've tested the prints by pouring red wine on an image and immediately wiping it off with a clean SOFT lightly dampened cloth. There were no ill effects. The Willhelm Institute has also tested the materials in these prints and found them to have an archival life of over 100 years. Amazing stuff!

4:5 & 2:3 format

approx. 38x57" image


approx. 24x36" image


1:1 square format

approx. 39x39" image


approx. 24x24" image