• Creative Fee
Creative Fee: $1,500 per day
Digital Imaging: $75 per hour
Assistant Fee: $250 per day
Expenses: +15%
50% of estimate due before work commences

My creative fee pays for the creation of the images. Usage and
licensing of the images will be limited to the rights that you
purchase separately. (see below) For most shoots, I will require an assistant. The cost is easily offset by the time saved on location. Additionally, the quality of the images increases, as my time is spent solely on composition and lighting.

Digital Imaging is charged at an hourly rate. All post production preparations are done in house. The finished product will be delivered on CD or DVD and will include high resolution TIFFs for printing and low resolution JPEGs for websites and e-mail. All use of the images is restricted until payment for said usage is made in full. (see below)

  • Client Direct Usage Rights (non-paid placement)
These fees include usage rights for making brochures, postcards, in house displays, & point of sale materials. This DOES NOT include paid-placement advertising. These fees are based on the size of your company. The basic package does not include electronic rights. (rights to use on a website) There is an additional fee for electronic rights. For further explanation of these rates, download my rate sheet for Client Direct Usage. This is an Adobe Acrobat document and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it. (download Client Direct Usage Fees)

  • Paid Placement Advertising
This fee is a simple 5% of the total media buy. (minimum charge of $150 per image)